Osteotherapy Before & After Photos

Osteotherapy for horses can make a vast improvement in their comfort and well-being, as well as correcting many debilitating issues. Just like people, sometimes our equine friends can benefit from some extra remedial attention.

Paint Filly –  Before & After (click for larger view)

The owners saw their beautiful filly, Roxy the day she was born with her fairly straight legs but on day thirteen of life the owners found Roxy with her fascia (light connective tissue) pulling her limbs in, causing her legs to stay in flexion and bow out. (first 3 pictures) 

The first treatment was five days after finding her crippled. The fourth picture is after her first treatment. And the fifth picture is after her second treatment two weeks later.  Her third treatment, six weeks after the first. (sixth picture) Roxy’s legs were straight and they worked properly. Between treatments the owners carefully stretched her to encourage the fascia to release. The final picture was taken at nine months old.

Before & After Osteotherapy Treatments (click for larger view)