Equine Osteotherapy

Equine osteotherapy treatments are about increasing motion on every level possible. By increasing motion we increase health. Osteotherapy covers Muscle Reset, Fascial Stretching, Visceral Motility and Cranial Sacral Therapy. This is accomplished by using the correct technique for each individual horse.
My preference in techniques is a combination of the compassionate cranial sacral which allows me to get in tune with the horse’s body and muscle reset allowing the body to heal itself.

Muscle Reset

By using the gamma loop (a neurological system) I am able to relax muscle groups together accomplishing more in one session then if I physically massaged the muscles. This technique also allows joints to mobilize.


Muscle Reset

Fascial Stretching

The body is encased in fascia, a tissue that ranges from very thin to thick and can be compared to plastic wrap. Fascia is layered or surrounds muscle tissue, nerve, vascular tubes, organs and bones and by stretching the fascia, I can release the small tensions in the body.

The picture to the left shows fascia encasing the tendon sheaths of the front limb. Yes it is that light cotton candy looking stuff that the light is reflecting off of.


Fascia encasing the tendon sheaths of the front limb

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Is a very gentle technique that restores motion of the head (cranial) bones and the spinal vertebra (back bones) by working with the spinal fluid and the dura mater that surrounds the spinal cord, brain and the spinal nerves that exit the spinal canal.
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Visceral Motility

Motility is the combination of organ cells moving and the contraction of the organ itself. It is important to ensure each organ is moving properly just as every skeletal muscle needs to move properly for good performance.


Cranial Sacral Therapy

* Note to all who love horses; Osteotherapy is not veterinary medicine and should not be used to replace veterinary care.

Saddling can be dangerous if proper handling procedures are not taken. Please be carful when around horses all the time. Vickie Keam owner of Rem Saddlery is not responsible for negligence of the handler and any repercussions that may occur when saddling up or riding horses.