Custom Saddles

Vickie’s Saddles are made with a wood rawhide covered tree and Herman Oak Leather. They come with wood metal covered stirrups, a 100% mohair front cincha, a 4”X 32” double ply and stitched back cincha and billets. The unique designs in Vickie’s saddles allow the horse to move more under saddle.

Vickie’s Saddles

The skirts are cut out behind the cantle, giving more room for the spine to move appropriately.
The skirts are also cut 1” – 1½” larger then the tree, this insures that the Hip bone (point of hip) will not be restricted by the leather and makes a lighter saddle.
The front of the saddle is also molded so the leather skirts are not restricting the shoulders.

Read more about Saddle Fitting

There are many factors to consider when fitting a saddle to a horse. Each component must work together in order to achieve a harmonized fit.”

Please Contact Vickie online for more info about custom saddles or call 403-634-5261.