Welcome to Vickie Keam’s Equine Therapy

By increasing motion, we increase health!

Vickie Keam, Equine Osteotherapist and custom saddle maker, travels Alberta and Saskatchewan helping horses improve their health using advanced equine osteotherapy techniques. What’s that?
Basically, it’s using equine therapy to help your horse move freely and comfortably to ensure the enjoyment of both horse and rider.

“Understanding the bio-mechanics of the equine body and saddles has given me great insight to saddle fit and also a better knowledge to help horse and rider have an exceptional ride.”

Reasons to Contact Vickie

  • Neck & Back Immobility
    (Limited Side bending)
  • Shoulder Restrictions
  • Immobile Hips
  • Unable to pick up leads
  • Behavioral Changes
  • Mysterious Lameness
  • Saddle Sores
  • Unable to back up smoothly
  • Restrictions in the turns, having to over spur to spin
  • Suspensory Injury (Bowed Tendon)
Vickie Keam Equine Therapy

Horses don’t have to be lame to need help with mobility.
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